Gain insight with glucose data delivered every minute

Feel confident managing your diabetes with our 14-day continuous glucose monitoring system.

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WaveForm CGM Receives CE Mark Approval


Discover the convenience of real-time continuous glucose monitoring

Discreetly monitor blood sugar anywhere, anytime, from your smartphone. A slim, wearable sensor provides a new reading every minute and glucose trends to help you know what’s ahead.



Live better with less worry

With our unique, needle-free sensor applicator, we’ve made it virtually painless to insert a new sensor.

Plus, stay ahead of the curve with predictive alerts that notify you 15 minutes before a high or low glucose level.

† In a recent clinical study, 86% of study participants found the pain related to the insertion of a sensor to be less than that of a single finger stick.

Long Lasting
CGM sensor and rechargeable transmitter are approved for 14 days of use.
Easy to Use
View glucose data directly on your smartphone with customizable and predictive alerts.
Reduce plastic waste with a reusable sensor applicator and rechargeable transmitter.
Get access to the latest glucose monitoring technology with our affordable products.

How it Works

Three Easy Steps

  1. Set up app and transmitter
    Download the app on your smartphone and pair the transmitter with the app (one-time process).
  2. Prepare sensor and site
    Load a new sensor into the sensor applicator and prepare the site for insertion.
  3. Start session
    Insert the sensor and the session automatically starts.

Clinical Trial Results

Recent clinical trials showed highly reliable performance
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*Acetaminophen dosages up to 1000 mg every four hours. Data on file.


Percent of sensors worn for the full 14 days.


Number of therapeutic substances tested, including ascorbic acid and acetaminophen, that did not affect the ability to use CGM readings.*


Percent of users evaluated who did not have an adverse reaction to the sensor adhesive.



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