WaveForm Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM)

Access blood sugar readings day and night with a disposable sensor that lasts for 14 days. Easily know where you’re at and where you’re heading with the iOS and Android compatible app.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring App
Benefits of Waveform CGM

When it comes to your health, every minute matters.

Gain insights with glucose readings measured every minute — that’s over 1,400 readings each day! Whether it’s discovering patterns and trends, or receiving an alert in advance of a low blood sugar, the WaveForm CGM can help you take action when it is needed.
Long Lasting
CGM sensor and rechargeable transmitter are approved for 14 days of use.
Easy to Use
View glucose data directly on your smartphone with customizable and predictive alerts.
Reduce plastic waste with a reusable sensor applicator and rechargeable transmitter.
Get access to the latest glucose monitoring technology with our affordable products.


Check glucose levels instantly

See your glucose level at-a-glance instead of pricking your fingertip.* The user-friendly smartphone app provides readings every minute along with color-coded target range visuals, trend arrow, and trend chart to distinguish if levels are trending up, down, or stable.

If there’s anything that requires your attention, receive alert notifications for high or low glucose, quickly rising or falling glucose, and more.


Capture your data without any gaps

Our industry leading catch-up mode lets you review your glucose history over the past 24 hours without any gaps.

Glucose readings automatically sync from the on-body transmitter to the smartphone app whenever you’re nearby. If there was a period of time you were separated from your smartphone, stored glucose readings from that time will also sync, filling in any gaps in the glucose history.

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The easy, painless way to continuously monitor glucose for up to 14 days

Sensor & Transmitter
  • Get reliable readings in an hour or less after inserting a new sensor.
  • Low profile, rechargeable transmitter lasts entire 14-day session on a single charge.
  • Comfortable sensor and adhesive provides long wear time with minimal irritation.
Sensor Applicator
  • Unique, needle-free design reduces pain and insertion complications.
  • Simple to use, ergonomic design.
  • The applicator provides years of use before it needs to be replaced.
Mobile App
  • Monitor levels over the past minute or 1, 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours.
  • Receive alerts for glucose level changes or other events that require your attention.
  • Personalized glucose reports to help users and their healthcare team visualize time-in-range trends.

In a recent clinical study, 86% of study participants found the pain related to the insertion of a sensor to be less than that of a single finger stick.

* Finger stick testing is required for daily calibration (every 24 hours after initialization) and if CGM readings do not match your symptoms or expectations, when making treatment-related decisions. If the CGM does not display a glucose level, does not display a trend arrow, or is displaying estimated values, you may not have enough information to make a treatment decision and a test with a blood glucose meter is recommended.

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A continuous glucose monitor is a new way to automatically track glucose levels every minute, 24 hours a day. Learn more about how this tiny sensor works.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shower, swim, or do other activities that get the CGM wet?
Yes. The transmitter and sensor adhesive patch can be worn while bathing or showering. These items are water resistant, so you can also swim with the transmitter and sensor adhesive patch in place up to a depth of 3 feet, for up to 30 minutes. These items should not be worn in a hot tub. Refer to your product user guide for more information on proper usage.
How can I start using the WaveForm CGM?
Currently, the WaveForm CGM is available in Europe through our distribution partner Menarini Diagnostics. For residents in the United States and other countries, please sign up to stay informed about product availability. If you live in Europe, ask your healthcare professional how you can access the GlucoMen Day CGM product.
Where can the CGM sensor be worn on the body?
The WaveForm CGM is approved for use on the abdomen and lower sides.
Who is able to use the WaveForm CGM?
In countries where the WaveForm CGM has received CE Mark approval, for people with diabetes to use in making treatment decisions.
How long can the transmitter be used?
The transmitter is rechargeable and reusable. When fully charged, the transmitter lasts a full 14-day session before it needs to be recharged. The transmitter is warrantied for two years of use.
Can I use the CGM for treatment decisions?
Yes. The WaveForm CGM is intended to replace finger stick testing for making diabetes treatment decisions. In cases where your symptoms do not match the current CGM reading, or the CGM glucose reading does not match your expectations, perform a blood glucose test to confirm you are making the correct treatment decision. If the CGM does not display a glucose level, does not display a trend arrow, or is displaying estimated values, you may not have enough information to make a treatment decision and a finger stick blood glucose test should be used.