Simplify Your Routine

Living with diabetes can mean constant care to monitor blood sugar, medications, and lifestyle. What if there was a way to spend more time knowing and less time worrying? With the WaveForm CGM, you can easily monitor glucose right on your smartphone to better manage your medications and lifestyle.


It’s easy to get started

Apply a new sensor every 14 days.
Painlessly apply the sensor and transmitter at the press of a button. Wear for 14 days of continuous use.
Go about your daily activities.
Eat, exercise, sleep, and more with the CGM. It is awake while you are asleep.
Track glucose levels on your smartphone.
View glucose levels, trends, and patterns to gain insight on your diabetes management.

How It Works

A small, disposable sensor worn on the body works together with a rechargeable, Bluetooth® transmitter to accurately measure and sync glucose data. Once you insert a new sensor, the app automatically starts a new session, with glucose readings appearing on-screen less than an hour after insertion.


Wearable Technology

Since a CGM uses a wearable sensor rather than a single-use test strip, you’ll get much more data throughout your day.

Our sensor uses a very thin, flexible wire that detects glucose through a special coating. The sensor interacts with interstitial fluid — the fluid surrounding the cells beneath your skin — to constantly measure glucose levels. A small, reusable, transmitter is connected to the sensor, which transfers glucose values to the smartphone app.


The comfort of reliable readings, with an ecologically sustainable design

Sensor Insertion 2


Needle-less sensor insertion for reduced pain and fear

Unlike traditional CGMs, which use a guide needle to insert the sensor below the skin, the WaveForm CGM is the first long-wear CGM that does not use a needle.

This means virtually pain-free insertion, while also reducing complications such as bleeding, which can occur with other CGMs.


Reusable components reduce environmental impact

Many CGM systems require sizable plastic components to be disposed of each time you start a new sensor. The WaveForm CGM is designed to be reusable and rechargeable for less plastic waste.

The sensor applicator is reusable over a multi-year lifespan, saving the environment from the disposal of 100+ applicators used by other CGM systems.

The reusable transmitter quickly recharges through a USB cable, and is warrantied for two years of use. This saves on both the cost and disposal of multiple transmitters required by other CGM systems over the course of two years.


Connected CGM Ecosystem

The WaveForm CGM is connected to a smart, digital platform to easily manage your health data.


Calibration readings sync directly from our compatible wireless glucose meter right to the CGM app to make calibrating the CGM a breeze. Plus, store and share your CGM data in our HIPAA-compliant cloud.

In a recent clinical study, 86% of study participants found the pain related to the insertion of a sensor to be less than that of a single finger stick.